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I found you! :D

I won’t say I was in a state of panic, but…I kept refreshing the page lol.

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where is my shadow self. this is disconcerting. :|

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Just as I was about to be productive and work on drafts my Shadow Self got online and well that means I probably won’t get anything done till she leaves again. 

My diabolical plan has been a success. 

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 ooc: paging my shadow self *taps mic* is this thing on??

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Miss u pookie


Why’d you leave me here all alooooone?

#I know where you live. #And I will find you.

If I lived in Alaska than your url would be pretty on point, just imagining you trudging through Humboldt in winter weather gear. It’s a good thing I work in the ER now, that’s probably where you’d end up! 

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Unwanted Attention // mynamesenzo

Kol, as always, opted out of the in room check in, choosing instead to hastily scratch his name across the paperwork and slide his credit card across the marble counter-top toward the plain looking blonde on the other side. They had quality service here, but they could be smothering on occasion and Kol didn’t like to answer to anyone, especially people he was paying. So he established his barriers early on. He didn’t pay much mind to where Enzo was, following him probably, and that was well enough. The scene in the desert had left him feeling embarrassed after the exhaustion started to wear off, and  he was more than ready to put that whole thing behind them. Each Skyloft had it’s own elevator and Kol let out a relieved sigh as he pushed the familiar button, it was like his home away from home. He was quiet on the way up, still not ready to answer any questions about what happened, if Enzo had any to ask. He was avoiding the vampire’s eyes, ready to just start the indulgence and forget about this awkwardness. Perhaps Enzo would feed in front of him if he got him wasted enough, he’d never really been able to see it up close, aside from a few times catching glimpses of Damon. He was usually way out of it by then though. He’d always wanted to offer himself for a small snack, just for the experience, but he’d been too chicken shit.

The light next to the top floor flashed their arrival and Kol grinned as he stepped out of the elevator…it was a grin that quickly faltered. His suite was trashed, thoroughly fucking torn apart. Curtains ripped down, pillows and cushion torn open, broken glass everywhere. His jaw dropped, words coming to mind a thousand a second, but none of them fitting past his lips. The feeling of fear in the pit of his stomach returned with a force that made him stumble forward a few steps to lean on the large table in the entryway. He heard the sound of his phone buzz in Enzo’s pocket and he fought down the sudden urge to puke. He already knew. Of course he knew. He’d always known. 

This was more serious than he’d wanted to believe, someone out there wanted something from him and they weren’t scared of the repercussions of doing whatever they needed to in getting it. Whoever was texting him, wasn’t happy with something he’d done over the last 16 hours. “I don’t want to know,” Kol said, waiving his hand toward the where the sound had come from. He groped in his back pocket for the ‘V’ Damon had given him and moved to lock himself in the small bathroom off the entryway. There was a trail of broken mirror like breadcrumbs and it crunched under his shoes, echoing through his head like thunder. 

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Send me a ✐ and my character will write yours…➊ an everyday note.

Gone out to feed mate. 

Try not to get in to too much trouble while I’m out. Seriously, no drug runs or anything like that till I come back.

Please Kol. 

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Unheeded Warnings // mynamesenzo


Kol was afraid, that much Enzo knew. What the vampire couldn’t discern was where that fear was coming from. Was the kid scared of him or had he felt something with his magic? That was something he was going to need to file away to tell Elijah later on during their next little chat.

Reaching out he took the keys that were offered to him, he dark eyes narrowing behind his sunglasses. There was something strange in the way Kol was acting but Enzo didn’t want to push, didn’t want to make it seem like he was being too nosy. That wasn’t what Kol needed.

“Yeah, get in.” He mumbled walking to the driver’s door. His own senses hadn’t picked up on any form of lurking danger, it was safe to say Enzo was confused. 

Kol breathed a sigh of relief as Enzo moved toward the driver’s side door, no more question at the moment was a good thing. It took him longer than he would have liked to get himself around the car to the passenger side, his body just felt unsteady, weighted and sluggish. He couldn’t wait to get to the hotel and take nap in preperation of the night’s events.

He settled into the car and tried to ignore Enzo’s confusion, Kol didn’t blame him of course, he was a witch and he was still confused by magic. Not to mention, being part of the Mikaelson family came with an individual and unique burden. Their mother had called it a “gift,” but Kol’s had never worked the way his brother’s and sister’s had. More often than not, this supposed blessing felt like a curse, one he had no control over.

It would be getting dark as they hit the strip, until then he settled his sunglasses back on and leaned back to enjoy being a passenger. “We’re at the Skylofts and the MGM.” They would have the room ready, a quick shower, maybe a massage, then sleep. Followed, of course by a night out on the town.

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Broken Toy || mynamesenzo


Following Kol out the door he stopped just outside the room and looked at the vampire giving a nod. That seemed easy enough in theory. Going into the room the man looked up, fear splashing his features before he tried to mask it into something else, something that said I’m tough and can fight.

He wasn’t.

Enzo was on him in seconds pushing him down onto the bed as his fangs found his neck with practiced ease that could only come from having been a vampire for six hundred years. It felt good to drink, to have the blood coursing down his throat and coating his insides. The blood was warm, good, and so filling but he wanted more.

Pulling off of him he looked to Kol, chin dripping with blood and dark lines tracing under his eyes. The man on the bed was dead, it should mean something to Enzo but it didn’t. Maybe he was far less human than he had thought.

“I think I killed him.” He announced but not with even the slightest tone of remorse. 

Kol drank in the sight of Enzo’s prey, shocked still with fear, and practically wetting himself at the sight of a hungry vampire. It was like introducing a predator into a small cage with a wounded animal. Amusing. He wasn’t surprised when Enzo bypassed compulsion and went with force, he could learn delicacy later. For now it was more than enough to watch the vampire feed, he was skilled, his muscles seeming to remember where the man himself did not. Kol glanced around the dingy room, it looked as if it had been occupied for a while, the black suitcase was laying open on the dresser, and he rifled through it with little care. His frown deepened with every piece he picked out…they’d fit Enzo, but they were far from stylish. To say he wasn’t pleased with the selection would be an understatement. His fingers found a soft black shirt, thin and simple. It would do. There was also a promising pair of jeans and he snatched those up as well. 

Loot in hand, he turned back toward the show. The man draped across the bed was a goner, and that wasn’t a shame. He’d had horrible fashion sense, and a dreary taste in motels. 

When Enzo looked up from his meal, Kol flashed him a grin, he was worried that the dead body might bring about that humanity crisis some vampires suffered through. There was nothing in Enzo’s tone or demeanor that seemed sympathetic.

"Indeed," Kol answered, "and it’s a good thing too. Put the poor man out of his misery. Just look at these clothes." There was a scoff in his voice, but his eyes were consumed with taking in the sight of Enzo drenched in blood. "So now that you’ve been taken out for a walk, and fed, care to answer a few questions for me pet?" Kol took a step toward the bed, studying the veins under Enzo’s eyes."To be honest, I’m curious the extent of your memory loss. Do you remember your studies? Arithmetic, economics? Anything from your human life?" 

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Unheeded Warnings // mynamesenzo


If Enzo hadn’t been intrigued by Kol before he certainly was now as the warlock pulled the car to the side of the road and got out. He was using magic, Enzo could feel it on the air and he narrowed his eyes behind the thick dark glasses he was wearing. It wasn’t often that he saw one of the Mikaelson’s other than Elijah using their magic and not for seemingly nothing at all. It made him all the more curious about him.

Getting out of the car he walked around to Kol’s side and leaned back against it. Moments before he’d pulled over the vampire had felt something akin to panic rising in the younger male and he wasn’t getting back into the car until they talked about what all this was.

“Any chance you’re going to tell me what that was or am I going to be forced to guess?” He asked words light and non-accusing as he asked. 

When he got a hold on himself again, Kol was all too aware of the hot sun staring down at him along with Enzo. It was rare that he saw someone without the obstruction of his dark-tinted sunglasses and as he looked up at the vampire he was sure that without them he couldn’t hide the tinge of fear shading his brown eyes. His eyes were his weak point, the chink in his armor. He couldn’t hide anything if something new how to look. “Sometimes I don’t get a choice with magic.” His voice was more strained than he’d hoped, cracking slightly as the words struggled through his dry mouth. He used the car to lift himself from the ground, feeling exhaustion he hadn’t felt earlier, leaning against it heavily. He squinted against the glare from the sun and toed the sand beneath his shoe. Kol knew he wasn’t going to get away with that veiled explanation, but he wasn’t even sure he knew what happened, or what he saw. He needed a way to buy some time while he thought about the fragments he’d been given and tried to quell the churning fear still rippling in his stomach.

Kol glanced up to meet the vampire’s gaze carefully, “do you think you could get us there?” He extended the keys out toward Enzo trying not to give too much away just yet. 

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