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The pleading in Kol’s voice, the neediness he was exhibiting brought a satisfied smirk to Elijah’s lips and he pulled back from the younger vampire getting to his feet at the foot of the bed. Fingers traced down his body in a teasing show making work of his pants knowing this was what Kol was wanting, just the two of them with no barriers between them.

Moving back on the bed he knelt between Kol’s legs working his pants off of him. Leaning over him he pressed light kisses to his stomach and then down along his hips bones and lower along his thighs, each kiss just avoiding Kol’s hard cock.

“Reach into the nightstand Kol, there is lubrication in there.” He purred eyes looking up at Kol as he instructed him to get the item for him. 

Kol summoned a brief glare at Elijah’s smug look, he knew that his older brother loved to undo him. Make him need. It was something he’d always been so good at, making Kol forgot his pride, his decency, Elijah knew how to make him turn into desire incarnate, make him want with every inch of his body. His eyes followed his brother’s every move, as he lifted himself away to undress them both. Kol let his clothes be stripped away without protest, lifting his hips to aid the process, as his eyes roamed over Elijah’s bare skin. 

Watching as Elijah’s hot mouth teased down his stomach, and along his thighs, “tease,” Kol shuddered. He fought down the urge to be disobedient, to back talk. He didn’t need the lube, just wanted to be fucked already, but he bit his tongue and twisted around to retrieve the item Elijah requested. Being a good boy, that was the best course of action, a patient boy. He could do it.

He reached down with his empty hand as he held out the lube to his brother, fingers wrapping around the man’s cock, squeezing lightly as he teased back. Just a little. He found Elijah’s eyes with his own bright browns, giving him a playful smile. He spread his legs a little wider, giving full access to every part of his body. 

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Taking Your “V” Card | UnleashedHell


Damon smirked as he warlock moved towards him, he was correct in the fact that he could take him down, witches did have that power, it wasn’t ever something he worried about from the boy. In fact, he was prone to stay away from witches all together, so why his one called to him, he would never know. “And what are you going to do to me once you take me down?” He asked a teasing smirk coming to his lips.

He could feel his body stirring at the boy’s touch and with that, he knew it had been to long since he had let anyone touch him. It was usually something he stayed away from. So again, it begged to question, what was with this boy that grabbed his attention so fully.

Reaching out he slid a fingers through one the belt loops on the warlocks jeans, tugging him a step closer, mouth following the boys as it moved away to trace his tongue along his bottom lip. “I still have yet to see this hot brother, though if looks run in the family…” He purred tilting his head to take in the boy’s body between them, licking his lips. “I wouldn’t mind meeting all of your little rich asses.” 

Kol let his tongue trace the path Damon’s had just made across his lower lip as the vampire leaned back to allow his eyes to scan Kol’s body. He fought down the embarrassment that always threatened to overwhelm him when he let people get this close, which was why he rarely did. In fact he’d known people a lot longer than Damon who he’d never even shook hands with. But, Damon was okay, felt okay in his space and Kol let his guard down — despite the blush still warming his cheeks. “Take a picture, it’ll last longer,” Kol whispered playfully. 

"Speaking of pictures," he teased,"here." He didn’t step away from Damon, simply dug into his pocket for his phone and flipped through his gallery until he found a hot picture of he and Elijah at the family’s last get together. Rebekah kind of stole the picture in a short, black number, but he and Elijah didn’t look bad. Klaus was well…Klaus. "This is Elijah," he turned the screen and leaned his head against Damon’s shoulder so he could point to the correct Mikaelson. "He’s my totally handsome, rich, older brother."

So maybe he was playing matchmaker a bit, he couldn’t help himself, Elijah needed someone to help him loosen up and Damon just needed someone. Even at the risk of a major party connection, Kol couldn’t let the opportunity pass. It wasn’t like he was looking for anything serious at his age, and Damon probably needed serious — at his age. 

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Unheeded Warnings // mynamesenzo


“I’ve been just about everywhere Kol.” Enzo remarked off hand at the question aimed his direction, small smirk forming on his lips. The kid was packing drugs, he could tell from the smell but he couldn’t pinpoint what they were exactly. No doubt it was something new that he was trying out, the thought wasn’t one that made Enzo happy. The last thing he wanted to deal with was a strung out witch on a new drug.

“You take that before?” He finally gave in and asked arching an eyebrow behind his sunglasses. “Cause no offense mate but I’m not babysitting you on some new trip you’ve never gone on before.” Screw Elijah, he’d leave before dealing with that again. 

They were almost outside the city when Enzo’s curiosity got the better of him, Kol grinned. He’d been expecting a confrontation from the moment the vampire caught on to what he’d been retrieving from Damon’s house. He claimed he wasn’t a spy, and that there was no need for Kol to walk the straight and narrow, he was supposed to just ‘forget he was there’. Yeah right. There was a line, and Kol could tell he was in sight of it, but that only made him want to see how far he could push. 

"Once," Kol answered simply, it was the truth and there was no reason to lie. "Last night." He shifted at the memory, it had been a long and eventful night, and waking up to breakfast at the hotel had been a pleasant surprise considering he had no idea how he got back.

"It’s something new Damon cooked up, kind of a cocktail, very exclusive." They were leaving the tall buildings of LA behind them as they headed out into the desert. It was his favorite drive. "It’s called ‘V’," Kol added. "Maybe we can get into some later tonight, It’s pretty fucking fun." 

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Stowaway | Unleashedhell


It was funny how the kids mind worked, jumping to material goods and what he had on him. Sure Enzo was a smuggler but the one thing he appreciated more than material goods was a decent work ethic and that was something the Kol could help him with.

“Look, I’ve got cargo to drop off, think you can handle some manual labor and I’ll take you as far as I can.” He uncrossed his arms from over his chest and walked across the cargo hold to where he’d dropped his stuff getting on the ship. Grabbing it he motioned the kid towards the exit into the common room of the ship.

“You can crash in the crew bunks, away from me.” He added stepping out into the hall. “The Hawks on auto, I’ll fix us something to eat in an hour or so. That all sound fine to you mate?” He asked turning again to look at Kol. 

The casual tone of the captain afforded Kol a moment to relax, the man was not overly angry with his deception, and he didn’t seem to expect any unsavory favors in return for his assistance. He seemed to genuinely be a decent man. Kol followed Enzo into another room, nodding as he clasped his hands in front of him, “I am no stranger to hard labor, and I appreciate all your help.”

Kol hesitated for a moment, troubled by the idea that this man could very well come to harm and it would be his fault. “If we should come into some conflict…” Kol took a moment to compose his thoughts, rushing would open the door to his emotions. “If there is an inordinate amount of danger, I do not want you to feel obligated to aid me at your own expense. But, if something should happen to me, perhaps you would attempt to get word to the Jedi Council. If the time presented itself.”

He bowed his head slightly to the captain, a sign of his respect, and turned to identify his sleeping quarters. The crew bunks — but where was the crew? The way Enzo conducted himself made Kol wonder if he wasn’t manning the ship on his own. If that was the case then Kol would definitely have the opportunity to provide assistance to the man. He turned back to the captain, “I am an adequate chef, if you need any help with supper.”

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Taking Your “V” Card | UnleashedHell


Damon smirked as he dumped his cold coffee into a mug, scrapping the thick chocolate from the bottom with a spoon before mixing it up and putting it in the microwave to warm. “Good boy.” He said shooting him a smile as he moved his hand. It was how he would get out of a ticket, hell it was the reason that they had never caught him, no one could talk to him and get a straight answer. Only a select few people knew where he lived and he could be gone before the cops even arrived. Compulsion was the best thing he had going for him. Have his clients were compelled not to talk to the cops about where he lived, because they couldn’t remember Unless they called him and told him they needed too. Oh the perks over vampirism.

 “I could always make it easier on you and just turn your cute little ass into a vampire. You know it trumps magic any day.” He said smiling hearing the microwave beep behind him. Turning around he pulled the mug out, giving it another mix before spilling the warm, mocha contents back into the cup with the lid.  Hey no reason to risk it all over his carpet if he could get away with an adult sippy cup. “Thanks by the way” He added giving him a wink before leaning back against the counter, blue eyes drifting over the boy’s body as he toasted him with his cup before taking a sip. Oh yeah, despite the lateness and the cold the boy had gotten it right, extra chocolate, extra coffee, hot thick milk. It was perfect and he let the boy know, giving an appreciative moan as he took another sip.

“We could do it now before your rich, stuck up, possibly hot brother tells you no.” He added, giving him a smirk as he licked his lips, clean of the drink, blue eyes filled with mischievousness.

Kol tinted a pale pink, embarrassed by Damon’s assertion about his cute ass. He wasn’t a prude per say, but there were a select few people he gave the time of day and even fewer got more than a ‘helping hand’. He liked Damon though, he was laid back and fun, and unlike the vast majority of people could be both of those things and still be respectful. 

"For the record," Kol grinned at Damon, moving closer in a slightly predatory fashion. "Witch powers totally trump vampire powers. I could take you down." The last word was quiet as he stepped into Damon’s space, hand drifting idly down from his chest to his stomach, fingertips playing over the smooth, warm skin. For someone as mesmerizing as Damon, Kol was surprised he hadn’t found someone to take better care of him. He was alone whenever he wasn’t partying, much like Kol himself, but in what seemed like a sadder way. Maybe it was the being alive so long thing, it came with a sense of eternity that couldn’t have been comfortable. 

"Elijah is pretty hot," Kol murmured, leaning in to kiss away some chocolate at the corner of Damon’s mouth — he couldn’t help himself. "I would set you up if we were on better terms. You are his type."

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Unheeded Warnings // mynamesenzo


Waiting outside was fine with Enzo who had no want or urge to get back out into the hot annoying sun. His ring protected him but he still didn’t want to deal with it, nor did he wanted to deal with whatever annoying drug dealer was in those buildings. That was Kol’s scene, not his.

Sitting back in the seat he flicked Kol’s phone on flicking through the contacts till he saw Damon’s name. Grabbing his phone he sent Elijah a text with the name asking him to look into it. Yeah, so much for not being a spy, he thought bitterly.

“Got what you need?” He asked when Kol slid back into the car next to him. Locking Kol’s phone he slid it into his pocket and directed his attention back towards the teen. 

Damon’s place was like a cool, dark cave and Kol struggled as his eyes adjusted to the dim lighting. It only took him fumbling around in the living room for a few minutes before he found the stuff Damon had supplied him with the previous day, it was tucked into the side of the couch where he’d had the brilliance…or stupidity to stash it. He’d been pretty wasted, trying V for the first time had been an out there experience, one he was going to see if he could get his babysitter to try with him in Vegas. 

He left Damon a quick note before heading back to the car, Enzo had stayed put and for that small miracle, Kol was grateful. With the drugs in his pocket and a smile on his face he slid back into the driver’s seat. The day was looking up, despite the bumpy road he’d been traversing with his new traveling companion. 

"Everything is great," he started the car and listened to the engine purr for a moment before adding, "have you been to Las Vegas before?"

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Stowaway | Unleashedhell


Just as Enzo was thinking that the kid didn’t scream jedi padawan learner or whatever he suddenly did with his apology. The older male could admit however that the kids words held some truth to them. If he was unwilling to help him reach the inner rim then no one else on Nar Shaddaa was going to. It was more likely the kid would end up on the street begging or worse, as a slave being sold to the Hutts. It was the very fate that he’d fought his own siblings from landing and as much as he was loath to admit it, he couldn’t stand the thought that his own actions would land Kol there. After all he did have some morals.

“Look kid, I don’t have time for this—but—if you were one of my siblings I’d like to think someone would be kind enough to take pity.” Enzo scoffed trying to retain a small bit of his edge here and knowing he was failing. “I’ve got to go home and drop of some payments and cargo, refuel and what not and then I’ll take you as far into the inner rim as possible.”

It was dangerous, nothing he hadn’t done before though. Surly they could make the trip and he could leave Kol on a decent enough inner rim planet to make his way back to the core. Yeah, it sounded like a legit solid plan. “You’ll have to work off your due though, I don’t run cartel, even wayward jedi, for nothing mind you.” 

Kol nodded, he’d been able to maintain his inner balance and the result was better than expected. A further compromise had been reached because he’d maintained his composure and he allowed himself to acknowledge that for a moment, but resisted dwelling on the success. The captain had siblings and Kol wondered if any of them were his age, enough so that he was being given a measure of pity on their behalf, it must be pretty close. The man’s next words worried him though, and he was once again reminded that some people were more layers than others.

"What would you have of me?" Kol asked, stepping to the side of the room toward the corridor. He didn’t want to approach the exit too quickly, but there was a knot forming in his stomach at the idea of providing payment for a service when he had nothing of material value to give the man. "All I have are my robes and my weapon. Jedi do not seek to acquire wealth."

His master had credits enough to supply them with room and board on planet and fuel for the trip back, and Kol hadn’t thought to retrieve them in his sorrowful state. He still felt the ache in his core at the thought of that moment. The pain could easily cripple him if he let it. If the clones had indeed killed more Jedi, which Kol was certain they had, then asking Enzo to take him to the inner rim was a dangerous thing. When many can be saved, few can be sacrificed. He nodded to the sound of his master’s voice in his memory, but honesty is also of paramount importance. 

He bit his lip and ran his hand through his hair again. He was too nervous about when the captain was going to take from him as payment to consider telling him his suspicions about the clones.

"I have nothing to offer you sir."

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Elijah groaned softly against Kol’s lips as his hand worked to tug his belt open and then his zipper. When that damn perfect hand was rubbing him through his boxer briefs however all thought left him and leaned his forehead against Kol’s neck.

They had been dancing around this moment since Kol had come back from the other side and Elijah wanted him more than he could put into words. Perhaps it was his need to reestablish this connection between them, to remind himself that this was his Kol and not some vivid figment of his imagination. Regardless, he needed his younger brother now.

Pressing a line of kissed along his shoulder and neck up to his ear he smirked against it, soft breath ghosting along the shell.

“I want just like this, leg’s pressing against me while I take you and make you beg and plead for everything.” He purred voice low, accent thick with his desire for the boy in his bed. 

Kol shuddered, hot under Elijah, the breath of a whisper in his ear as he outlined just how he was going to fuck him. He knew what it would be, Elijah inside him, them being connected like that wasn’t unknown to him, but it would be so much more than that now. He and Elijah were linked in a way they’d never been before, and the idea of having his legs wrapped around his brother while his body was taken drove him crazy. He was flushed and biting his lip as he kept his palm moving against Elijah’s hard dick through the thin cotton. He could feel the burn of every small kiss his brother left on his skin, each time his lips pressed to flesh it sparked a small fire that burned well after the lips had moved on. 

He started to press his own hips up off the bed, rubbing against any part of his brother that would give him the friction he needed. His hand moved faster and he could feel the movements getting more needy and hurried. Foreplay was quickly losing it’s appeal to him as his body got impatient. “Fuck me ‘Lijah,” he panted, “make love to me, whatever you want me to say.” Kol found his brother’s eyes. “I want you inside me…please.”

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